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If you follow us on social media, you might have come across our posts regarding ATP testing. But what are ATP tests, and how do they work? ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate, a molecule found in and around living cells. In fact, it’s the universal energy carrier in all living things.

By adding a reagent containing the enzyme luciferase, the amount of ATP in a sample can be quantified using a sensitive luminometer. Basically we’re measuring how much light the sample is producing – all thanks to the enzyme’s bioluminescence.

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ATP Meters

By knowing the ATP reading, we have a basic indicator of cleanliness. After each sanitising treatment we will take random ATP tests. No ATP — no organism in the sampled area. It’s a simple rapid test giving a result in 15 seconds that can be used by anyone at the point of use / point of care.

The system is well proven and has been established for >30 years in several industries e.g. catering and healthcare. The system has been evaluated by DH Rapid Review Panel (2009) and given the highest level recommendation for use (level 1).

Low scores are better, as it represents the level of contamination of the item. At 0-11 RLU, the item is considered clean. At 12-30, the item is acceptable, but could do with a clean. Anything above a 30 RLU is a fail, and the larger the reading the higher contamination levels.

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